Paul Krapf Studio
Paintings by Paul Krapf-----01=Wildlife,----02=Landscapes,seascapes & Misc.,----03=Portraits,----04=Figures,clothed &Nude
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02-Abandoned Homestead-Eastern Idaho
02-Abandoned Homestead-Eastern Idaho.jpg
02-Above The Clouds  (Waco biplane)
02-Above The Clouds (Waco biplane).jpg
02-After Sunset-Above Africa 13 x 22
02-After Sunset-Above Africa 13 x 22.jpg
02-Below Ram's Horn  (cowboy)
02-Below Ram's Horn (cowboy).jpg
02-Blanca Peak-Sunset  12 x 18
02-Blanca Peak-Sunset 12 x 18.jpg
02-Blossom's Place
02-Blossom's Place.jpg
02-Broad Reach
02-Broad Reach.jpg
02-Cambria Seascape
02-Cambria Seascape.jpg
02-Central Pacific Surf
02-Central Pacific Surf.jpg
02-Coast with Great Blue Heron
02-Coast with Great Blue Heron.jpg
02-Columbine in Abstract
02-Columbine in Abstract.jpg