Paul Krapf Studio
Paintings by Paul Krapf-----01=Wildlife, ---02 =Landscapes, Seascapes & Misc., ---03=Portraits, ---04=Figures, clothed & Nude
406-848-7750----Artist's books on prints, see ---by credit card or Check
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01-Misty Morning Apparition  (grizzly)
01-Misty Morning Apparition (grizzly).jpg
01-Moonlight Quest
01-Moonlight Quest.jpg
01-Morning At Capitol Reef  (mule deer)
01-Morning At Capitol Reef (mule deer).jpg
01-Mustang at Bighorn Canyon
01-Mustang at Bighorn Canyon.jpg
01-New Moon
01-New Moon.jpg
01-North  Of Kilimanjaro
01-North Of Kilimanjaro.jpg
01-Old  Haunts  (ghost town-fox)
01-Old Haunts (ghost town-fox).jpg
01-Osprey in the Clouds
01-Osprey in the Clouds.jpg
01-Polar Bear on Icy Shore
01-Polar Bear on Icy Shore.jpg
01-Pronghorn-Coming over the Rise
01-Pronghorn-Coming over the Rise.jpg